Free Speech. What is it ? 

As citizens of this country one of the fundemental rights that we have is freedom of speech which is the right to say what we want, when we want, where we want, and how we want.

But, just because we have this right it is not without responsibility, and is not meant to absolve a person of the consequences of what they have said. Some speech although free does carry consequense, and as such the speaker must own the responsibility of what they have said.

But what we see in today's society is a shirking of that responsibility, and excuses being made for people that abuse their right to speak freely. And yes, just like all rights there is right way, and a wrong way to use it, and misuse can border on abuse. 

Censorship of speech is in complete opposition to the US Constitution regardless of how repugnant one might find what is being said it should not be censored. But today what we see is the US Government doing just that in clear violation of the 1st Amendment. 

Both Republicans and Democrats are guilty of this violation. Over the past 20 years with the advent of the public internet and [anti]social media the US Government has sought on a daily basis to control the narrative, and has gone so far as to tell privately owned [anti]social media companies what is allowed and what should be censored.

The US Government deems what they do not agree with as "hate" speech, or "fake" news, and seeks to silence those voices. Do not be fooled into thinking that one party does it more than the other. Both are guilty of this to an equal extent, and is a clear violation of the oath of office that each of them took.

This site aims to getting back to the basics when it comes to freedom of speech. It also aims to get back to the basics before [anti]social media ruined things for everyone. We will be using the old bulletine board structure on this site that was used back during the advent of the internet. 

Create an account. Log in. And start posting. There are some rules (ya know based on the consequences mentioned earlier) but nothing too restrictive.